E Ola I Ka Wai | Water is Life

The East Maui Stream Restoration Study is a conscious hui striving to restore Hawaiian streams to natural flow conditions. We, the people of this land, have created this project to monitor one of Hawai'is most endangered native ecosystems, freshwater, and wetland stream habitats. Stream restoration effects studied include: water quality, stream flow, habitats and biota. East Maui is a place where Hawaiian traditions are practiced daily and the culture is very much alive. We understand our responsibility to protect all natural resources from the mountains to the sea.

This study is being conducted by scientists, community members, students and other institutions from the Island of Maui, collaborating and contributing to data collection and analysis.

This project brings science, education and community together to ensure Hawai'is freshwater future.

Scienctific data collection happens every week at various East Maui Streams, lead by lineal descendents of Ko'olau, Maui. If you are interested in collaborating or participarting please email us at 


This website follows the progress of the study and includes resources for students, and the community. 

More updates & resources will be added to this website as our data collection grows.