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If you are a resident, farmer, hunter, fishermen, or admirer of our island Maui, you have kuleana (responsibility) to protect all life that live from the mountains to the sea. 

We are in current battle with one of Hawaii's largest land owners, Alexander & Baldwin. The Public Trust doctrine prioritizes customary, traditional practices and the health of native streams and coastal life over private commercial uses. A&B have continuesly pushed illegal permits through our House & Senate, eventually signed by the Governor. Board of Land & Natural Resources are currently in movement to make the permit effective. If passed, this bill would allow commercial users to divert millions of gallons of public water per day and avoid protections for both Hawaiian and public water interests indefinitely, with no limitations on the amount or duration of the diversion.

Current A&B diversions remove almost all water from several East Maui streams leaving dry rock beds and stagnant water, however the practice has never undergone any type of environmental review. This bill circumvents public trust protections by allowing private users to evade Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) and Environmental Assessments (EA) required for revocable permits.

A&B does not need public water. A&B holds 33,000 acres in Central Maui of which 23,000 are designated Important Agricultural Lands (IAL.) Court documents submitted by A&B indicate there are 132 million gallons per day available from their existing private sources.

Kalo Farming is the root of Hawaiian culture, it is the farming tradition practiced for thousands of years by our ancestors. Farming is our way of life and education is the key to understanding Kalo restoration & water rights. This sustainable lifestyle has been practiced in Ko'olau valley by several generations. As, we teach our children daily, we also educate visitors, & residents through Lo'i work days. We honor our past, by living our culture, and restoring our lands. 

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A&B wants to control over 33,000 acres of watershed lands. Please sign our petition below to stay updated with our fight to restore stream flow to all diverted streams. 

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It's time we dismantle plantation control and stop the bleeding to our land and natural resources. Over 100 streams have been deprived from mauka to makai connectivity for over 100 years. Resulting in the loss of lo'i and stream eco systems. These streams are now dry and stagnant mosquito infested river beds. A&B has done enough damage. A&B only wants to control the water for real estate development. A&B is a for profit company beholden to share holder interests. Don't fall for their propaganda. Message us with any questions.

Credit to: Aloha 'Aina Project - Facebook Group for the two paragraphs above!